First there were milk trucks...


Eco's plan to launch this Eco Red Shield defensive lumber looks like it could be similar to how this supper storm sandy teamed up with a nor'easter as a few of the Home Depot stores closest to the hurricane impact zone emptied their shelves of Eco Red Shield last week and are reordering already. These trucks rolling down the road early in the morning back east remind me of milk trucks delivering milk before people wake up.

Eco & Superior Quality Controls


Fire Scientist Randall Hart meets the best the industry has ever seen with Eco's Mark Vuozzo, a computer Scientist, with respect to high-volume quality-controls. Meanwhile the look-a-likes continue to wave their flags saying they can compete with little or no real quality control measures.

Howell, NJ Home Depot


Any questions?

IP now in America


Eco has now strengthened its quality control position in defensive building materials by blending the entire IP formulation in America.

One More defensive than the other


Both of these homes are going vertical today back in the Sandy Rebuild. Both are defensive, but one is even more defensive than the other. See why!


In an effort to keep folks informed we've created a blog page so that I can tell it like it is - and hopefully educate people a little bit about our humanitarian projects, our products, the building process and with lumber in general.

I also will talk about some of the pitfalls new homebuyers face.  I've been in the lumber business my entire life and have a vast knowledge of how this industry has changed in the last 35 years.  We are here to change it once again with our revolutionary product: Eco Red Shield™ protective coating - developed specifically for today's lumber.