Eco Clear Shield Protects Mahogany too!


Eco Clear ShieldTM provides this mahogany siding with some serious mold, rot termite and value-added fire protection! Once protected by Eco, pick your choice of stain for that added moisture and UV protection and then you have the most complete package possible capable of standing up to nature's fury.

Reloading those shelves


Home Depot stores are selling out of Eco Red Shield protected lumber, and Eco's trucks are rolling alongside the milk trucks early in the morning to reset the shelves in stores across New York and New Jersey. 

No Smoke and Mirrors Here


Eco’s Steve Conboy keeps raising the bar on Defensive Building; not in labs with smoke and mirror testing - but with real Fire Chiefs in real fire training centers.

Arizona Lumber Yard - Flooded Out!


Had this lumber been protected with Eco Red Shield lumber coatings following production, it would still be salvageable and available for use. This lumber is contaminated and no good. Protection on lumber isn't exclusive for lumber going into a home or structure. Coated lumber equates to inventory protection for lumber yards. Think about it...

Pumped UP about Eco Red Shield Protected Lumber


This Riverhead HD Store on Long Island is pumped about this new advanced framing lumber!


In an effort to keep folks informed we've created a blog page so that I can tell it like it is - and hopefully educate people a little bit about our humanitarian projects, our products, the building process and with lumber in general.

I also will talk about some of the pitfalls new homebuyers face.  I've been in the lumber business my entire life and have a vast knowledge of how this industry has changed in the last 35 years.  We are here to change it once again with our revolutionary product: Eco Red Shield™ protective coating - developed specifically for today's lumber.